100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club Update:
Miles Achieved So Far:  4,486  (149 runners)
Running Days Left: 30 mornings at Longmont Estates  (Our last day of running club is Tuesday May 8th)

Now is a great time to check in with your runner and see how he/she needs to adjust their running for the remainder of the year.  What is their goal; (is it 25, 50, 100, 200 miles?)  and are they on track to get there?  How many miles do I need to run each morning?  What I love about 100 Mile Club is that each child can participate and each child can set out to achieve what is best for them and their families schedule.

Bring your stuffy to 100 Mile Club next Tuesday, January 30th!  Please bring your special friend to get some exercise too.  A reminder that stuffed animals need to be able to fit in your backpack for the remainder of the school day.

Looking to obtain some extra mileage?   Check out the Longmont Heart Throb 5K
happening on February 10th.  Don't forget to turn in your race bib to receive credit.

Mike Newell
Longmont Estates Elementary
Physical Education