100 Mile Club

Good Afternoon,

See below for lots of upcoming extra 100 Mile Club Events. We had a great turnout this morning! 
School Mileage: 6,250
Days left: 12 (at Longmont Estates)

Extra Opportunities:

  • Saturday March 24th - Free Event - Dawson Park @ McIntosh Lake 1pm - 3pm
  • Monday March 26th - Free Event - Sandstone Ranch. 10am-Noon
  • Tuesday March 27th Free Event - Sandstone Ranch. Noon - 2pm
  • Thursday March 29th - Free Event - Sandstone Ranch. 10am-Noon
  • Friday March 30th - Free Event - Sandstone Ranch. Noon-2pm
  • Sunday April 8th - 9th Annual Frank Shorter Race 4 Kids 
  • Saturday April 14th - Free Event - Prairie Ridge Elementary - 10am- Noon
  • Saturday April 21st - Silver Creek Raptor Run 5k @ Silver Creek High School
  • Sunday April 29th - End-of-the-Year Event! Longmont High School's Everly Montgomery Stadium =) 1pm -3pm

Always check the 100 mile club district calendar if there is inclement weather to find out about cancellations.  Please send your participation slip with your student or you can take a picture of it and email it to me so they can get the credit.  Reminder that these are not drop off events, you need to stay with your kiddos.  

Miles that are obtained at 100 mile club events must be completed on foot... walking, jogging and running only.  Miles obtained on scooters or bikes will not be counted.

Send me an email if you'd like an update on your child's mileage.  

Mike Newell
Longmont Estates Elementary
Physical Education