Community Schools

Enrichment Programs

The Enrichment Program at Longmont Estates provides a wonderful opportunity to get your child interested in something new - or, to continue to do after school! I generally offer 4 "sessions" of instructive classes for kids K-5 through out the school year. Each session runs for about 4-5 weeks - one day a week. Some of the classes that we offer are: STEM based activites, PeeWee Soccer, Basketball, Chess Club, Floor Hockey, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Lego Club, American Girl Club - and more! I try and offer classes that the kids would really benefit from and would WANT to participate in, after school. Many of the classes are coached or taught by some of our LEE teachers!

I will be sending out the packets about each session throughout the year - in your child's back pack. LOOK FOR IT!

Community School Enrichment Classes are offered after school from 3:05-4:05pm at Longmont Estates Elementary School.

Eagle's Nest/Childcare


Eagle's Nest is THE place to bring your child for enrichment and care - before and/or after school. The program and staff provide opportunities to enhance the lives of children and families in safe, welcoming environments, enabling all to realize their highest potential. We offer flexible hours to accommodate your care needs - at an affordable rate! We work closely with the school staff to ensure consistency, educational growth and personal developement. We also support the school focus with STEM based activites and crafts.  We are ready for business at 7AM M-F. We love what we do, and the kids have a blast! Consider The Eagle's Nest !

Longmont Estates' Elementary Child Care Program 2016-2017

Hours of Operation:
7:00 - 8:20 AM - (M-F)
3:00 - 6:00 PM - (M-F)

Registration Fee:
$50 per single child and $75 per family

Morning Rates:
5 Days - $65 per week

($13 per day)

4 Days - $60

3 Days - $45

2 Days - $30

1 Day - $15 per day

After School Rates:

5 Days - $65 per week

($13 per day)

4 Days - $60 per week

3 Days - $45 per week

2 Days - $30 per week

1 Day - $15 per day

Drop in Rates: (less than 48 hours notice)
AM $20 per day

PM $20 per day

2016/2017 Registration

16-17 Eagle's Nest Registration is now open. It's a 2 step process!

The registration process works best if you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser...Chrome will work as well. This new system does not load on Safari or Internet Explorer. Also, be sure you have close at hand your drivers license (this is your unique identifier just like your signature on forms), doctor, dentist and hospital information. Also, do not leave any spaces blank. If the question does not apply please use N/A. You must enroll all of your children separately. Be sure you write down your email address and your password. These are very important.

Step 1:

Follow the link below:

When you get to the website, scroll down and click on

CS Longmont Estates Elementary

Then click on

16-17 Eagle's Nest Childcare

Fill out the form :)

Step 2:

Follow this link, log in, and pick the days your child will attend:

For more information about current classes contact Martha Clemensen at 720.652.8101