Reminder: Avid4 Adventure Registration

Avid4 Adventure will be at Longmont Estates during the week of October 2nd-5th for Kindergarten-5th grade.  This is essentially a field trip right here at school.  On your students' day of participation they will spend the entire day with the Avid4 Adventure team participating in a multitude of activities including kayaking, climbing, biking, and Leave No Trace.  This is a great learning opportunity for all students in these activities and no matter what their current ability level is they will achieve success. 

Each parent/guardian must register their child at the Avid4 Adventure website prior to their scheduled day of participation or they will not be allowed to join in on the experience.  It should be noted that the cost of the day is $24 per student.  Our PTO has committed $19 towards that cost with proceeds from our annual Jog-A-Thon.  We are asking each student pay $5 when they register their child which is the difference between the cost of the day and what PTO has committed. Avid4 Adventure cannot accept payment through their website so we are asking that parents pay the school directly either through cash or check made payable to Longmont Estates Elementary. Please return payments in an envelope with your students name, grade and teacher written on the front. 

This is an incredible opportunity to experience some great activities and the Avid4 Adventure team does a wonderful job of tying it all to our standards as well. Please click here to register your child for this great event. There is also information on what to bring that day, what clothing to wear, the schedule for the week, details about the different activities and the after school program in which families are able to participate in the same activities their child experienced earlier in the day.

All students must have a signed release in order to participate. Students may NOT register themselves online, and teachers cannot register students. Since the Avid4 Release is signed electronically through the registration process, a parent or legal guardian must register students online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.