Student Council

Each year the students at Longmont Estates get to elect officers and class representative to serve on the Student Council.  These young men and women meet every other week to plan activities for the entire Longmont Estates Student Body.  

Every year we choose some new and some traditional activities for the student body.  Some of the traditional favorites include:

Planned dress up days

The selling and delivery of Thankful Grams the week of Thanksgiving

Valentine Grams

McTeacher Night – a favorite, where teachers work behind the counter and McDonalds and Student Council members greet and help to clean up.

Selling of Longmont Estates Spirit Packs

Each year, the student council chooses one place we would like to donate a portion of the money we have made throughout the year.  In the past, we have given money to The Humane Society, Local Flood Relief, and Children’s Hospital’s Cancer Wing.  The remainder of the money is given back to the school for some extra things not in the school budget.  Some of these things have included:

New Longmont Estates Carpet in the front hall

New carpets at each door to keep the carpet clean

New coat hooks in the lunchroom so kids can hang their coats

Comfy chairs and table in the front of the school for people to sit if waiting

Longmont Estates Elementary School